Serve more customers with a simple online ordering system that works!


Our platform is flexible and scalable: it's configured to meet your needs. From your menu to multiple locations, we have you covered. A branded mobile app with a Loyalty program and events Calendar is also provided.


Our Platform integrates with most popular POS systems. We also provide a non-integrated solution that works in tandem with your present system. We can also integrate with 3rd party delivery companies that you work with to keep the system integrated for your staff.


We provide a full marketing strategy for your business. We are your ambassadors of Quan and we depend on your success for our company to succeed. We work with your corporate office as well as any other locations or franchisee's to make sure from the top down the marketing strategy engages your local customers.


The system provides live revenue metrics including customer data, their order history and spending habits.

You will have the ability to create customizable reports, look at the products being ordered and export the information for review. This is a huge feature as this is how you will engage your customers to increase sales.


Our business is built on support. Making sure all systems are working properly is key to giving your customers the best experience when placing their order. Supporting you and your customers is priority one.

An integrated web-based online ordering platform with a POS or Non-integrated solution for your business .

Integrates with your existing website

Integrated directly into your POS system

Synchs with the mobile app

We can provide a non-integrated solution

Make changes in real-time to your menu, add promotions or discounts. 

Integrate loyalty programs, CRM or third-party delivery services to the system.

Your customers will have the ability to order ahead from their mobile phone.

Order directly from the branded mobile app

Take online payments

Events Calendar to list your own events or invite customers in to watch their favorite sports team

Loyalty rewards program

Push notifications to engage customers

An integrated Management & Analytics Dashboard

Live revenue metrics

Customer data, order history and spending habits

We can provide a non-integrated solution

Managed with a cloud based system

Filter and export reports

Change menus promotions and discount settings in real-time including payment methods.

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